Pricing & Packages

All our lessons include the use of surfboards & wetsuits, and are taught by our amazing, CPR Certified Instructors! We tailor our lessons to your experience level, so you'll get the most out of your time in the water! Our packages are designed for the surfer who wants to get more than just taste of our experience. No matter what your skill level is, our instructors will assess your skill level, and push you to the next step over the course of however many lessons you choose.

Private Surf Lessons (1-on-1 and Bring Your Own Group)
Kid's Surf Camp (Huntington Beach)
Private Surf Lessons (1-on-1 and Bring Your Own Group)

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# of Surfers Starfish Dolphin Mako Poseidon
1 Lesson Per Person 3 Lessons Per Person 6 Lessons Per Person 9 Lessons Per Person
1.5 hr 2 hr 2 hr only 2 hr only 2 hr only
1 $130 $156 $346 ($115.33 per lesson) $630 ($105 per lesson) $850 ($94.44 per lesson)
2 $210 ($105 pp) $261 ($130.50 pp) $566 ($94.33 pp/lesson) $996 ($83 pp/lesson) $1326 ($73.66 pp/lesson)
3 $280 ($93.33 pp) $345 ($115.33 pp) $750 ($83.33 pp/lesson) $1321 ($73.38 pp/lesson) $1700 ($62.96 pp/lesson)
4 $350 ($87.50 pp) $421 ($105.25 pp) $880 ($73.33 pp/lesson)
5 $410 ($82 pp) $496 ($99.20 pp)
6 $470 ($78.33 pp) $570 ($95.16 pp)
7+ $94 pp $94 pp
Kid's Surf Camp (Huntington Beach)

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After School (Fall) Afternoon
September 28th - November 20th 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Full Week Session $195
3 consecutive days, Monday, Wednesday Friday per child/week
Drop-in Session $75
Monday, Wednesday or Friday Single day session per child/day
Drop-in 6 Session Package $420
6 sessions, MWF afternoons per package

Summer Half Day Full Day
June 22nd - August 14th 8am - Noon or Noon - 4pm 8am - 4pm
Full Week Session $375 $675
Monday - Friday, 5 Consecutive Days per child/week per child/week
Drop-In Session $95 $165
Monday - Friday, Single Days per child/day per child/day
Drop-in 6 Session Package $510 $900
Mondays - Thursdays only per child/package per child/package

Please note that same day bookings, or those made after 6pm the day prior to the requested lesson time will be subject to a $15 late booking fee.

Single Starfish

icon of an orange starfish for single surf lessons
After 1 private lesson, students can expect to:
  • Learn the proper way to put on and wear a wet suit.
  • Become comfortable handling your surfboard in the water.
  • Learn proper paddling techniques.
  • Learn how to pop-up on your surfboard, and to find the best technique that works for you.
  • Learn how to stay safe and avoid injuring yourself and others in the water.

Dolphin Package - 3 Lessons

graphic icon of a teal dolphin jumping for 3 surf lesson packages
After 3 private lessons, students can expect to:
  • Become powerful paddler - get through the waves, and catch one on your own.
  • Catch waves earlier and drop down the face in a controlled manner.
  • Master a quick pop-up so you can enjoy longer rides all the way to the beach, wave after wave.
  • Learn proper surf etiquette – who has the right of way, when to paddle for a wave, and when to yield to another surfer.
  • Control your the speed and angle of board, and begin riding the face of a wave.
  • Gain optimal position for catching waves by understanding how & where a wave breaks.

Mako Package - 6 Lessons

blue mako shark icon for 6 surf lesson package
After 6 private lessons, students can expect to:
  • Perfect your timing – when to paddle for the wave, and when to stand up.
  • Control the movement of the surfboard – angling down the face of the wave, doing turns, and keeping yourself in the best position on the wave.
  • Gain more ocean and wave knowledge – an understanding of how the tides, swells, and wind affect the surf, and how to determine which waves are the best to paddle for based on their shape.
  • Develop a sense of style, and to be critiqued on your form while paddling, getting up, and riding the wave.

Poseidon Package - 9 Lessons

graphic icon of a golden wave breaking for 9 surf lesson packages
After 9 private lessons, students can expect to:
  • Become an expert on reading the wave and understanding the elements that factor in to how it is breaking.
  • Perfect your riding – dropping in smoothly, riding the face of the wave, and cutting back to the pocket, allowing yourself to maintain the most amount of speed.
  • Be comfortable and skillful enough to paddle through and ride bigger and faster waves.
  • Receive detailed critique and advice on how to perfect and enhance your surf experience.
  • Surf in a crowd comfortably, handling your board and catching waves yourself.
  • Be prepared to surf at more advanced surf spots, and being able to handle paddling out, catching waves, and riding to the beach like an expert.

Giving back to our community!

Wavehuggers donates $1 from every booking to DaanaBlue to promote ocean conservation and community education!

We also offer discounts on lessons to active military, veterans, and LAUSD students.